Asandir - Role in the Story (Fugitive Prince)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5648: In the year leading up to Autumn Equinox, Asandir is ensconced in Althain Tower with Sethvir and Traithe, assisting with the construction of the star wards. He is also present with the rest of the Fellowship when Lysaer is cast out of the Compact. Sethvir is sharing his realization that Traithe's chance to heal may be entwined with the wraiths captured in Rockfell Pit when Morriel Prime arrives at Althain Tower. Asandir, Sethvir, Luhaine, and Kharadmon meet with Morriel Prime about her attempt to enable Arithon's assassination, the lurking threat of wraiths on Marak, and the Great Waystone's hobbled powers. The meeting ends after Sethvir enables her servant, Iyan, to regain his hearing.

Third Age 5653: Asandir travels to Jieret's clan encampment in Daon Ramon Barrens in the winter. He helps Feithan dry hides for curing with a spell, and then chooses Jieret's daughter, Kei as the caithdein's heir, naming her Jeynsa in the Naming ceremony. He also informs Jieret of Sethvir's augury that Arithon will be safe under Dakar's protection until Elaira is recalled into active Koriani service.

In early spring, Asandir travels to Teal's Gap where he unwinds the Koriani spells of concealment which allowed Lysaer to return to Avenor. These spells affect the stability of the boundary wards, and he does not expect his stopgap efforts to last more than a decade. Asandir is traveling through Tysan to observe the prejudices caused by Lysaer's campaign to suppress spellcraft when Sethvir asks him to help Dakar and Arithon evade from Sulfin Evend. He visits Dakar and drops hints that the way will be open to escape into a grimward near Middlecross. He then lowers the boundary ward around the grimward, enabling the party to save themselves. Although Asandir does not do anything to directly help the party, he expends immense power to stabilize the grimward for as long as it takes for all survivors (including Sulfin Evend's men) to reach him. Once Sulfin Evend has crossed, Asandir travels to the focus circle at Althain Tower. He has expended too much of his energy to restore himself, and must be revived using the lane force flowing through the focus circle.