Asandir - Role in the Story (Destiny's Conflict)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: It is revealed that Asandir sent Khadrien home to Halwythwood by way of the focus circle, during the eviction of the True Sect invasion. Asandir attends to the coronation of High Queen Ceftwinn in Havish and then returns to Althain Tower.

In the summer, Asandir trains High Queen Ceftwinn to engage with the Crown Jewels of Havish. He returns to Althain Tower when Lysaer is felled by a Koriani-spelled crossbow bolt and finds Sethvir singing on the fifth floor. Sethvir reveals that Davien had altered Asandir's original mark of protection on Daliana. While transforming her into Dace Marley, Davien added quadrangle runes of chaos to protect both servant and master. These runes prevent Selidie from further magecraft against Lysaer while Dace remains in his service.

Relocated to the library, Sethvir shows Asandir that he has sent Kharadmon to Dace's aid. Asandir wonders whether Selidie's original trapped spirit might rebel against Morriel's possession.

At Ettinmere Settlement, Arithon has a bout of farsight that shows the clans of Halwythwood being exterminated while Asandir travels on a more pressing mission to North Gate. Arithon realizes that the outcome depicted has not yet occurred.

Third Age 5924: In the spring, Asandir is making an urgent trip to Northgate when he is sidelined by a request from Kharadmon. He helps raised the wards around the free wilds of Halwythwood in advance of The Hatchet's campaign.

In late summer, Asandir arrives in Backwater to end Tarens' stint of contract labor. The Sorcerer charges him to help Esfand defend the clans in Halwythwood, because Sethvir has foreseen Tarens' death should he try to support Arithon instead. Asandir offers his mount, who was once Isfarenn, to speed the journey north.

At Althain Tower, Sethvir share with Asandir the fact that Arithon is reliving the experience of his original capture by the Koriathain two centuries ago. Under siege, the prince stored his memories of Elaira and necromancy beyond reach in Rathain's royal signet. In the present, Sethvir explains that Selidie Prime seeks the keys to channel the flux from Arithon's defense of Caithwood.

Sethvir monitors Arithon until he escapes and reaches safety in Daon Ramon Barrens. He tells Asandir that all of the wraiths inside the Great Waystone crossed the veil when it shattered. Kharadmon travels to Althain Tower to discuss The Hatchet's campaign with Asandir and Sethvir.

Sethvir relays Dakar's plan to draw lightning down on Caith-al-Caen to Asandir. Asandir changes plans to meet Kharadmon at Rockfell Pit to protect the wards around Desh-thiere.

Third Age 5925: Asandir and the reborn Isfarenn are in Radmoore when the Sorcerer feels the pull of Arithon's blood oath to survive. Sethvir explains that virulent storms enabled Arithon to cross an impenetrable ward across time and space, arriving at the Paravians' secluded sanctuary on Los Lier. Sethvir relays the prince's encounter with a Riathan Paravian to Asandir and explains that Alithiel's wards and the prince's blood oath to survive saved him from dissolution.

Asandir is dealing with an anomaly in Kathtairr when Sethvir summons him back for an audience with the Koriathain. He travels through the Kathtairr grimward to Old Tirans and arrives at Whitehold minutes before Arithon's planned execution. He stands on the stone etched with his oath as Valien and Arithon are executed by The Hatchet. When Elaira reveals herself, Lirenda orders the use of the Skyron Focus to kill her with the master sigil of command. Valien's crossing of the veil as Rathain's heir ends the Fellowship's oath of nonintervention, and Asandir cancels the spell before Elaira can be harmed. He reaffirms the Fellowship's compliance with their oath and vanishes.

Asandir arrives in Daenfal and raises a defensive ward around the scaffold across time and space. He asks Elaira to begin healing Arithon with Kharadmon's assistance. Dakar and Tarens build a litter to transport the prince. At twilight, they transport Arithon through Daenfal to Daenfal Lake, where they vanish.