Asandir - Role in the Story (Curse of the Mistwraith)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5637: Upon hearing from Sethvir about the events on Dascen Elur, Asandir and Dakar race to the West Gate to greet the half-brothers. He tends to them in a borrowed woodcutter's shop, curing them of the Curse of Mearth and placing a temporary geas on Arithon to protect him from the memories of his recent failures in kingship. Asandir contacts Sethvir the next morning when the half-brothers test their powers against the Mistwraith. In West End, Asandir performs some unspecified errand, and then meets the half-brothers at the horse fair.

Next, the party travels to Erdane, meeting Felirin the Scarlet and battling a Khadrim along the way. Upon reaching Erdane, they stay with Enithen Tuer. When Elaira visits, Asandir explains the risks and reasoning behind using the half-brothers to battle the Mistwraith. After word of the virulent meth-snakes, the party quickly leaves Erdane (without Felirin) and crosses the Thaldein Mountains. Arithon baits Grithen into demanding a ransom, and Asandir is forced to reveal the heritage of Lysaer. The party is then treated to a banquet at the west outpost.

The party races to the power focus at Isaer and lane transfers to Althain Tower. Asandir assists with the eradication of the meth-snakes and then the casting of strands. After this, Asandir and Sethvir set wards on the crown jewels of Rathain. After a lane transfer to Caith-al-Caen, Asandir shows Arithon how to sense the ghosts of the Paravians. He then intentionally leads the party past a site where a centaur was murdered during the rebellion. The party eventually reaches Ithamon to battle the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5638: Three weeks later, Asandir hears from Sethvir that Arithon has upset a Koriani scrying. Later that evening, Asandir is warned of the Mistwraith's attack by the wards on Alithiel. He tries to engage the Mistwraith, but it vanishes elsewhere, and Asandir cannot find a trace of it. On the final day of battle, Asandir unkeys the Paravian wards on Kieling Tower to draw the wraiths inside. He then reactivates the wards and creates a stone container made of the same jasper and wards as the Tower. Once the Mistwraith has been captured in the stone container, Asandir (with Luhaine and Kharadmon) take it to Skelseng's Gate, their intent to imprison it until the coronation at Etarra is completed.

Asandir escorts the half-brothers to Etarra and affirms Arithon's right of succession through the element of earth, by transforming dirt into a silver circlet. He reviews Etarran records with Sethvir and Arithon, and later protects the moneylender of Etarra from a stone-throwing mob. On the day of the coronation, Asandir watches over the council hall and the ranking ministers until Sethvir sends warning of Lysaer's drift in Name. He assigns Dakar to keep Lord Diegan under house arrest, and then searches the city for Lysaer. At the critical moment when Lysaer attacks Arithon, Asandir casts ward spells to protect the bystanders. Afterwards, Asandir brings Lysaer to the south ward armory, where he and Sethvir exorcise the wraith that possessed the prince.

Asandir travels back to Skelseng's Gate to secure the Mistwraith in a safer place. He and Dakar collect the stone container and bring it to Rockfell Peak. Asandir requests permission from the mountain to imprison the Mistwraith, and then he and Kharadmon spend a night setting it under wards. After sealing the chamber, Asandir jokes that the area might be more secure if they "tried dark practice and chained a slain spirit to stand as sentinel". This makes Dakar move with alacrity, and may be the first mention of necromancy in the story. After their actions at Rockfell Pit, Asandir and Dakar travel to Mirthlvain Swamp to help with the seasonal spawning of meth-snakes.