Arithon - Role in the Story (Fugitive Prince)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5647: At some point soon after the Vastmark campaign, Arithon surrenders the waylaid ransom of 500,000 coin weight under Fellowship auspices. The ransom is eventually returned to Tysan with the Kingdom of Havish acting as a neutral executor.

Third Age 5648: When news of Lysaer's clan slavery edict surfaces, Arithon returns to the continent while Dakar remains behind on Corith to protect the crew from discovery and Koriani scrying. Arithon travels to the southcoast to recall the craftsmen who worked for him previously, including Cattrick. He plots against Avenor with these craftsmen to help the threatened clans in Tysan. When he returns, Jieret confronts him on a charge of dark magecraft. Arithon orders Dakar to craft a death seal and gives an honest account of the strike at the Havens to Jieret. He then hears Jieret's Sighted warning and orders him to return home by way of neutral Havish. Plagued by nightmares and guilt since the Havens, he relies on Dakar's spell to enter a dreamless sleep. In search of the Paravians, Arithon's crew makes first landfall on Kathtairr just before the winter solstice going into Third Age 5649.

Third Age 5652: After three years of unsuccessful expeditions into the inlands of Kathtairr, Dakar reveals the Fellowship's gambit to buy time, and the Khetienn returns to Paravia for good in the spring. They arrive in Corith to find one of Lysaer's ships, recently pilfered from the Riverton shipyards. Arithon installs Feylind on the ship (the Evenstar) with orders to engage in honest charter, while he and Dakar take the pleasure sloop to meet with clansmen in Caithwood. After catching up on news, Arithon rides ahead to a tavern on the Ilswater River, forcing Dakar and a newly arrived Caolle to catch up. He sends a covert message to Mearn, asking him to inquire discreetly about Lady Talith's absence.

When asked for a memorial for the fallen at Dier Kenton Vale in a tavern on the Ilswater River, Arithon (disguised with a glamour of shadows) performs the Masterbard's Lament. Caolle and Dakar retire him to his room to recover from the backlash of his Masterbard's talent. While Caolle is preparing the horses for departure, an unconscious Arithon uses his mage talents in an attempt to escape from Dakar. This is the first time his mage talent has been accessible since he lost access at Tal Quorin. Caolle overpowers him before he can escape. When pressed to abandon his plans, Arithon insists on staying, in order to procure ships for Tysan's persecuted clans.

Arithon arrives in Riverton and spends a day gathering information. He learns from a joiner (previously employed in Merior) that the bell founder is suffering from an iyat infestation. By stopping the infestation and retuning the founder's bell, he gains a reputation and the best room at the Laughing Captain Tavern. This enables his network of contacts to locate him without suspicion. He meets with Cattrick to provide payment for future subterfuge, gained by selling the cider from the pilfered ship at Corith. The next morning, Arithon and Dakar track down a slaver's galley whose location had been overheard in the tavern. They send a description of the galley on to Havish as a warning that Havish's edict against slavery is being undermined. Arithon remains in Riverton, gradually turning the Laughing Captain Tavern into a sailor's haunt, and elicits a tavern room brawl with his Masterbard's music to replace the trusted crew of newly built ships with his own loyal men.

Third Age 5653: Arithon is afflicted by some kind of fever, which turns out to be early effects of the Mistwraith's curse. This causes Caolle to seek out Dakar for assistance Dakar finds Arithon in his room wielding Alithiel. He uses spellcraft to keep Arithon in the room but finds his spells turned against him. Caolle arrives in defense before Arithon can kill Dakar. Caolle disarms Arithon but takes a critical wound. Dakar triggers Alithiel's defense wards and knocks out Arithon to prevent further intrusion from the Curse. Dakar and Arithon escape out of the eastern gate, leaving Caolle behind in a fire started during the fight. Mearn locates Dakar and Arithon in a manure wagon on the road to Middlecross and warns them of the conspiracy. When Arithon regains consciousness and remembers the previous night's events, he makes the decision to abandon further plans and regroup somewhere to the southeast, with the long term plan of sailing alone to continue the search for the Paravians. He also overhears the content of Dakar's scrying into the fates of Caolle and Lirenda.

Dakar and Arithon arrive at a tavern after a week on the Korias Flats and learn that Felirin the Scarlet has been condemned by the Crown Examiner for singing the Ballad of Tal Quorin. Arithon promises his help as Masterbard, and the pair rescues Felirin from the pyre. The rescue triggers Alithiel's defense wards and Arithon amplifies their effects with his voice, resulting in fear and misunderstanding as man-made structures around the area are shattered. Arithon suffers from the backlash of channeling earth forces. Unable to evade Sulfin Evend's pursuit, Dakar leads Arithon and Felirin into a grimward northeast of Middlecross. Taking care to prevent destructive changes, the party survives the crossing with the aid of Asandir who uses his power to stabilize the grimward. However, Arithon must raise his internal defenses to prevent his weakened mind from affecting the grimward and eventually lapses into unconsciousness. The grimward crossing takes 3 months, and the party reappears in Caithwood during the summer months.

Dakar assists Traithe and Jieret in the ritual to reawaken Arithon, using the natural elements of Caithwood. Jieret talks Arithon through his guilt and delivers the good news of Caolle's final victory, along with Lirenda's spell crystal. Arithon performs an empathetic melody on his lyranthe intended for the spell crystal and then sends it to Morriel with the cryptic promise that the debt for Caolle's death has been discharged. He travels to Havish across the bay aboard the Talliarthe. Arithon recovers in Innish in the home of Tharrick and Jinesse. After signing over the Evenstar to Fiark and Feylind, he departs to search again for the Paravians. He aims to never return to the continent for the rest of his life.