Arithon - Role in the Story (Curse of the Mistwraith)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Curse of the Mistwraith.

Third Age 5637: Arithon is first introduced after the sea battle on Dascen Elur, when the sailors of Amroth pull him unconscious out of the water. After several failed escape attempts, he is drugged and delivered to Lysaer at South Isle. Arithon tries to provoke his own death but fails, and is ordered drugged for the journey to Amroth. Arithon tries to provoke his death yet again before the King of Amroth but is saved by a sending of Lady Talera.

Arithon and Lysaer are banished through the Worldsend gate. The half-brothers then cross the Red Desert and drink from the Five Centuries Fountain before traveling through the Worldsend gate at Mearth. In Tysan, Asandir heals Arithon of the Curse of Mearth and sets a geas on the memories of his recent failures on Dascen Elur. After a brief stop in West End to secure horses, Asandir, Dakar, and the half-brothers travel to Erdane by way of Tornir Peaks, where they meet Felirin the Scarlet and battle a Khadrim using Arithon's sword, Alithiel. In Erdane, they stay with Enithen Tuer, and meet Elaira when she visits. Seeking to break Asandir's geas, Arithon enters the Four Ravens. He barely escapes with his life, thanks to Elaira and Felirin.

In the Thaldein Mountains, Arithon baits Grithen into a ransom situation, forcing Asandir to reveal the royal heritage of the half-brothers. Taken to west outpost, Arithon is asked to perform for the clansmen. He discovers one of Elshian's lyranthes in the storeroom, and Lady Maenalle gives it to him as a gift. The party travels to the focus at Isaer, and lane transfer to Althain Tower. Arithon offers his aid with the meth-snakes and spends the next days sleeping to recover. He is still unconscious when the party uses the power focus at Althain Tower to lane transfer to Caith-al-Caen. During the trip across Daon Ramon Barrens, Asandir teaches Arithon how to see the ghosts of the Paravians. He is overjoyed at first, but is affected by the whispers at a site where a centaur was murdered. When the party reaches Ithamon, Arithon selects Kieling as the tower they will stay in.

Third Age 5638: The half-brothers battle the Mistwraith from Kieling Tower for three weeks. When the Koriani spy upon them behind the cover of Elaira's love, Arithon plots to discharge his powers against the scrying. Later, the half-brothers are attacked by the Mistwraith in the ruins and rescued by Asandir. In the aftermath, Arithon observes Asandir's scrying which finds no trace of the Mistwraith. Arithon assists with the final battle against the Mistwraith and its remnants are contained in a warded stone flask inside Kieling Tower. A couple days after the battle, Dakar reveals the forced gifts of their family lines to the half-brothers.

The party travels to Etarra for the ceremony to affirm Arithon's right of succession. Asandir performs the ceremony, tying Arithon to the High Kingdom of Rathain through the element of earth. Arithon then reviews Etarran records with Sethvir and Asandir, holed up in the Lord Governor Supreme's mansion. The next day, he posts several decrees which win him the praise of the lower classes, a laundry list of laws not in accordance with the Royal Charter. He attends a feast where he does his best to evade the barbs and ripostes of the Etarrans. Absent from council on the following day, he is discovered by Lysaer in the poor quarter, where he builds ships out of shadows for the amusement of the beggar children.

On the day of the coronation, Arithon is shaken by Dakar's Etarran Prophecy and goes to the council hall in search of Asandir. Traithe loans him Raven to escort him to Sethvir instead. Arithon is following Raven when Lysaer locates him and attacks with a bolt of light, transferring the curse of the Mistwraith into him. He locks Etarra down under the cover of shadows, frees the clan children from the poor quarter, and flees out the north gate across the Plain of Araithe with Tanlie's child in his care.

After three days of travel, he is intercepted by the clan scouts of Deshir and swears a guest oath before Lord Steiven. Arithon wakes up the following day surrounded by Steiven's daughters. As the women and children prepare to move the camp to Tal Quorin, he pretends to be frail and overbred in hopes of freeing himself from the responsibilities of the crown. On the trail, he makes puzzles for the infants, creates whistles for the boys, and plays games with the girls. When his mage-sight is disturbed by a felled tree, Halliron] catches him offguard and notices that he is not as frail as expected.

Arithon accepts the oath of fealty from the clans of Deshir and then disappears into the forest, intent on fasting for a scrying. Using a stolen tin of Sethvir's tienelle, he forecasts the coming battle of Strakewood and discovers that, without his magical aid, the clans will be exterminated. His recovery is interrupted by Jieret, whose banter triggers a vision of Deshir's women dead and raped. He returns to camp with Jieret and plays Halliron's lyranthe for Lady Dania. When Halliron returns to chastise him, he leaves to convince Steiven to remove the women and children from the battle plan, and then collapses from tienelle poisoning. His willed recovery forces the clans to realize that he is not the overbred dandy he pretends to be. He swears a blood oath of friendship to Jieret.

During the Battle of Strakewood, Arithon supports the clansmen by creating mazes of Shadow and sorcery in the valleys by the Tal Quorin. When Jieret has a Sighted vision of Teynie leading the headhunters to the grotto where the clan women and children are hiding, Arithon is roused from his work through the shared blood oath. He tries to effect a scrying which goes awry when he sees Lysaer in the vision. Only a cut from Alithiel returns him to a proper state of mind. Enroute to effect a rescue, Arithon's small band is ambushed by headhunters. Because Jieret is with him, Arithon is forced to twist his magecraft to protect the young heir. He fashions a ward of Unbinding on a crossbow bolt, and then causes attackers to succumb to a sleep spell around a tree. Before he can make a clean escape, he spots Lysaer across the battlefield, triggering the Curse. The half-brothers' attempts to destroy each other are interrupted by a blood-bonded Jieret. Snapped back to sanity, Arithon spins Shadow to protect Jieret but realizes that Lysaer is doomed to repeat his actions in the future. Arithon keeps the forest blanketed in Shadow until the clans of Deshir can make their escape, and finally loses consciousness.

After the battle, Arithon returns to the grotto and the battlefield to redeem the death, similar to the actions of the Princess in the Ballad of Falmuir. After discovering that Madreigh is still alive as the result of his sleep snare, he loses consciousness again. Before the ceremony to remember the dead clansmen, Arithon consoles Jieret and accepts as a gift the hunting knife they used for their blood oath of friendship. He explains his reasons for leaving to Caolle, and offers his blessing (if not his approval) for Caolle's plan to raise the clansmen of Rathain. At this point, Arithon's self-discipline and Shadow mastery are still present, but he can no longer access his mage talent. This shift in his Pattern seems to affect Koriani scrying, since the Fifth Lane initiates lose track of him. Arithon leaves the clans and is tracked down later in the day by Halliron, who offers him the position of apprentice Masterbard. Arithon accepts, mentioning his former promise to Felirin the Scarlet.