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The ancient Accord is a Second Age treaty by the great drakes, which ceded Athera to the Paravians.

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

The Eldest established a treaty that stabilized the world's existence. Through this treaty, the Paravians were given Athera with the Fellowship standing in their defence. The great drakes retreated through the North Gate.

Not all drakes agreed with the Accord. Younger drakes beyond the North Gate still agitate to overturn it during the Third Age. Chaimistarizog stands as Gatekeeper to enforce the Accord on the other side of the North Gate. Other drakes lie in deep hibernation upon Athera to forestall an invasion. Kharadmon notes that waking these guardians in the aftermath of Davien's bargain with Seshkrozchiel might upset their established priorities to defend Athera.