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Werpoint is a small city with limestone walls on the Minderl Bay in the principality of Fallowmere, Rathain. It is approximately one hundred and thirty miles overland from the trade city of Etarra, and is described as "more a supply stop and a fishing port than a bustling center for trade".[1]

The Attack at Werpoint

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

In Third Age 5646, Lysaer hears of Arithon's shipyard in Merior and marches his war host from Etarra to Werpoint by way of the trade road through Valleygap. The delayed army arrives to encounter food shortages and weather problems, and Lysaer realizes that he only has a small window to load his troops into the requisitioned ships before the weather turns.

On the eve of the loading, Arithon and Jieret commandeer a brig on patrol, the Savrid, and Arithon uses his shadow powers against Werpoint. He envelopes the city in complete darkness to get Lysaer's attention, and then lets the darkness fray away, as if Lysaer's powers of Light had succeeded. Next, he conjures a fleet of black ships in attack formation, When Lysaer attacks them, they are revealed to be nothing more than derelict fishing boats and rafts filled with dry fir. The trap burns most of Lysaer's fleet in the harbor.

During the next phase, Arithon finesses his gift of Shadows to crash or burn the remaining ships in the fleet, until only the Savrid is left in the wreckage. He then abandons the Savrid off of Crescent Isle and leaves a message for Lysaer with the Savrid's captain.

Tell him in my name that I chose to destroy the fleet and strand his war host at Werpoint. Bid him remember, should he make disposition to pursue me. The burning was provoked by my fullest intent while the vessels at anchorage were not loaded.[2]

Because of Arithon's actions, Lysaer is forced to disband the bulk of his war host. His troops from Avenor and Etarra are forced to endure a winter march south, while the city garrisons of Rathain are sent home.


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