Tawbas' Inn

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Tawbas' Inn is an inn in the Sanpashir Desert.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Child of Prophecy.

Third Age 5033: When Meiglin s'Dieneval escapes from Durn, she ultimately ends up at Tawbas' Inn in search of honest work. The crofter who sends her warns that the inn is on ground protected by the Biedar tribes, and that it was built upon the burned foundations of a previous inn, whose owner did not follow their rules.

The inn burned down again at some point before Curse of the Mistwraith begins, for violation of terms between the owner and the Biedar.[1] The date of its destruction is long after the rebellion, but before the half-brothers arrive on Athera.[2]


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