Storlain Mountains

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The Storlain Mountains are a massive mountain range that bisect the kingdom of Havish from north to south. In the north, the range ends in a low pass at East Bransing, where they become the Thaldein Mountains. To the south, the mountain range ends at the border of West Shand in the Lithmere principality. The Ettinmere Settlement can be found in the Storlain Mountains.

The land is particularly savage, with fault lines underneath the ground and glaciers in the heights. There are only two established ways through the mountains from east to west: a Paravian road along River Lithwater that reaches an ancient pass at Lithmarin, and a trade route in the south running from Quaid to Redburn. Tiendarion is the subduction ridge that overlooks West Halla, roughly twenty leagues northeast of the Ettinmere Settlement.

The instability of the flux in this area interferes with magecraft and makes it difficult for clansmen to employ their gifts for hunting and tracking.