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The land of Athera has four Worldsend gates at each of the cardinal directions on the continent of Paravia.

Each gate leads to a buffer world where the terms of the Compact were less strict. A gate in the buffer world then led to a destination world with "complete free choice existence. No law or restriction in frequency was in place"Template:FootnoteLink These worlds were linked to Athera by the Fellowship at the time the Compact was instituted, as part of mankind's grant of sanctuary.

The splinter worlds were used throughout history to support any humans who chose not to follow the Compact. Each world had a specific intended population (the author has stated that the world through the South Gate was where technology was permitted to develop).

North Gate

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East Gate

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South Gate

The splinter world of Marak lies beyond the South Gate, and was the refuge of mankind who wished to partake in technological pursuits that held the potential to shift planetary resonance: Machines that could "level mountains" - clear-cut forests - develop weapons of mass destruction - change the day/night balance of the light on a world - all these (and many more) would apply.Template:FootnoteLink

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Following the infamy at Alestron, Asandir tells the s'Brydion family, "Once, we sent men with inclinations such as yours to dwell in the splinter worlds through South Gate."Template:FootnoteLink The works of these men ultimately led to the creation of the Mistwraith. Because of the limited resources of the Fellowship at this point in the narrative, the s'Brydion family is not offered the choice of exile.

West Gate

The splinter world beyond the West Gate is Dascen Elur, where Arithon and Lysaer grew up before the events in Curse of the Mistwraith. The buffer world has not been specifically named, but the half-brothers' journey crosses a mineral desert known as the Red Desert, where they find the Five Centuries Fountain and the city of Mearth.


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