Severnir River

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The Severnir River runs from the Skyshiel Mountains in northeastern Rathain through Daon Ramon and into Daenfal Lake. Following the uprising, the Governors' Council of Etarra hired a team of mercenaries to dam the river at its source near Darkling, and a great canal was cut through the mountains. This drained the original bed of the river (which can be seen on the map, meandering past Ithamon), and making the area inhospitable to the Paravians.

The author has stated that this alteration was not sanctioned under the Compact, and says that more information will be provided in later stories.[1] Although the damming was not sanctioned, the damming had one crafty side effect -- it laid waste to Daon Ramon which made it easier to keep townsmen from using the land for other purposes.

The point where the river once flowed into Daenfal Lake is still marked by a crumbling stone bridge at the Standing Rock and an inn.

An unnamed river runs from Darkling into Eltair Bay near Minderl. The author has stated that this river would have existed prior to the damming of the Severnir, and that the rerouted river would flow into this pre-existing river as a branch.[1]


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