Sethvir - Role in the Story (Warhost of Vastmark)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Warhost of Vastmark.

Third Age 5646: Sethvir is at Althain Tower when he learns through the earth link that Kharadmon is returning home with aspects of the Mistwraith in pursuit as free wraiths. With Luhaine's assistance, he uses lane force to create two concentric wards around all of Athera. When Kharadmon arrives, the trio seals the nine wraiths inside of Althain Tower's Paravian wards. Because Sethvir is corporeal, he has more difficulty evading the wraiths, but tricks them into a vessel of confinement through the willing use of a river pebble. As the wraiths attempt to possess him, he learns their true Names, and the sorcerers are able to redeem the wraiths. Realizing that the homing beacon sent to rescue Kharadmon has opened up Athera to possible invasion, Sethvir sends Asandir to Athir to intercept Arithon, whose powers with Shadow will eventually be needed on the larger body of wraiths on Marak.

Third Age 5647: Later, Sethvir is revealed to be unconcerned about the Koriani plot to retrieve the Great Waystone. After Arithon kidnaps Lady Talith, Sethvir takes a rare trip away from Althain Tower to travel to Ostermere for the ransom exchange. Before he departs, he intervenes with the spirit of Shehane Althain, who guards Althain Tower, on behalf of the approaching Koriani sorceresses. They are attempting to wrest the Great Waystone from Sethvir's keeping. Had he not interceded, Lirenda's meddling would have raised the tower's wards and killed the entire circle.

Arithon reveals his fears about the ransom exchange to Sethvir in front of the court of Havish. Later, Sethvir charges Arithon to perform as Masterbard, to prevent Havish's court from misjudging him. The Fellowship learn that the ransom was stolen in transit. They judge Arithon's machinations with the Royal Freedom and determine that he cannot be directly implicated in the theft.

Sethvir guards Arithon in King Eldir's state apartments in advance of the ransom exchange. He is present at the exchange, and forestalls Eldir from deploying men-at-arms when tensions rise between Arithon and Diegan. Following the exchange, Sethvir returns to Althain Tower to find Lirenda on the doorstep, and invites her in for tea. When asked, he returns the Great Waystone to her care. Sethvir receives a jumbled warning from Dakar about the imminent assassination attempt in Vastmark, and relays the warning on to Asandir. On winter solstice, Sethvir reviews auguries which forecast threats beyond the Mistwraith.