Sethvir - Role in the Story (Initiate's Trial)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

Third Age 5922: After Arithon's escape from captivity, Sethvir informs Kharadmon of Selidie's plans to manipulate the True Sect within the bounds of Asandir's vow of noninterference.

In early winter, Asandir returns to Althain Tower and discusses Selidie Prime's plotting and Arithon's recovery with Sethvir. Dakar learns that he has been unceremoniously released from his Fellowship apprenticeship since before the meeting with Selidie Prime. Sethvir and Asandir imply that this release is punishment for Dakar's actions on the beach at Athir after the Siege of Alestron, which ultimately led to Arithon's capture by the Koriathain. In reality, they hope that Dakar's free will can become a wild card workaround to their vow of noninterference.

Sethvir informs Asandir that Dakar has safely left Lorn for Halwythwood after speaking a prophecy concerning the death of the High Queen of Havish. After Asandir clears the flux lines in Tysan, Sethvir shares images of the effects across Athera.

Sethvir protects Elaira from Gestry s'Lornmein's accession ceremony after her scrying pulls her too close to the event.

Third Age 5923: Sethvir observes the moment that Arithon recovers his mastery of Shadow and its effect on Lysaer at the ball attended by Daliana.

When Dakar arrives in Halwythwood, clansmen inform him that Sethvir passed the word about his loss of apprenticeship weeks ago.

Sethvir sends an emergency summons to Asandir, who cannot respond until he faces down a young drake that entered through the North Gate. Sethvir wonders why Chaimistarizog is not guarding the other side of the gate. Reunited at Althain Tower, Sethvir tells Asandir about Arithon's attempts to flee Caithwood and asks him to travel to Havish to finish High King Gestry's training. The pair discuss Selidie's manipulation of True Sect direction, and how events might play out in Havish and Etarra. Sethvir also reveals Daliana's predicament in Etarra and says that he has sent Traithe to support her.

Sethvir observes from Althain Tower as Arithon uses his music to anchor Tarens' identity. He warns Asandir that the pair will soon end up in Havish. They discuss the motivations behind the actions of Seshkrozchiel and Davien, while recognizing that the resonance shift may have been enough to preserve Paravian survival and maintain the Compact. Later, he observes rule of Etarra transferred back to the True Sect and an invasion of Torwent. When Seshkrozchiel returns from Kathtairr, he senses the Koriathain involved in a plot to refound their mastery of the Great Waystone. Observing through Lirenda's willing consent, Sethvir forsees that their efforts will eventually be successful and Selidie Prime will realize that the Waystone's signature has changed, negating Athera's empowerment to reject its power.

Sethvir summons Kharadmon and Luhaine back from Marak to assist with casting strands. The strands reveal that Lysaer will ultimately be affected by Selidie's attempts to trigger the curse and foretell a "perniciuous disaster. Sethvir warns Davien that Seshkrozchiel is on the verge of a hibernation that might last for a millenium and that Davien might not survive if he remains bound to the drake.

At Althain Tower, Sethvir and Luhaine discuss Selidie Prime's trap involving Elaira's spell crystal. Sethvir reveals the whereabouts of the other Fellowship members and asks Luhaine to intervene with Seshkrozchiel on Davien's behalf.

When Luhaine bargains to take Davien's place through Seshkrozchiel's hibernation, Sethvir hopes that Davien will return to Althain Tower to answer this debt.