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Raiett Raven is the First Counselor of Hanshire. He has a wiry build with a close-cropped head of salt hair, and bronze (peridot) eyes. He always wears ruby-and-silver bracelets as a talisman.

Raiett is uncle to Sulfin Evend and brother to the Mayor of Hanshire. He is sometimes referred to solely as "Raven", due to his appearance before times of war, and is known as a master statesman, with a reputation linked to sorcery and darker Hanshire policies. He has a magnetic presence and a keen intelligence.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Following the sabotage at Riverton, Raiett meets Lysaer's state galley in Hanshire. He is invited along to observe as Lysaer deals with the situation and hears Sulfin Evend's speculations as to why the conspiracy was allowed to proceed. Lysaer's plan to use the sabotage to his advantage is defanged by by Mearn and Parrien, who appear to have tortured and killed all of the conspirators. Raiett remarks that Lysaer is dangerous because no one can predict his next move. After finding the shipyard to be a total loss, Lysaer invites Raiett to attend the interviews with the remaining craftsmen. Finding no solid proof of s'Brydion involvement, Raiett recommends that Lysaer check the stockyards for recent s'Brydion purchases and is surprised to learn that Lysaer will allow the s'Brydion allegiance to remain uncontested in order to profit from the potential fallout later on.

Lysaer finally requests Raiett's resources, including his wards for hiding his plans from arcane scryers. The Cabal of Light hold a clandestine meeting to plot the spread of Light across all five kingdoms, protected by Raiett's drake skulls. Over the coming decade, Raiett is instrumental in the statecraft required to spread mistrust of magecraft across four kingdoms.

Third Age 5667: Raiett is in Etarra with Lysaer, overseeing the Alliance.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Raiett is a permanent fixture in Etarra, acting as High Chancellor on the mayor's council.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: After Cerebeld succumbs to necromancers, an acolyte of the Light visits Raiett while he sleeps and learns the passwords to his spy network. Raiett's actions on behalf of Lysaer lead to new fortifications and temples in the East, as well as the burning of talent. While observing these events with Davien, Arithon theorizes that Raiett is too clever to believe the Light's dogma about Shadow.

Third Age 5671: In Spring, Raiett Raven is shown suborned by necromancy and his spy network in danger of becoming a network of torture and death. Raiett Raven is 65 years old in the summer. His insomnia is well known when Arithon arrives in Etarra. Disguised as a blind bard, Arithon bets that his music can cure the man of his affliction. Through Arithon's machinations, Raiett learns of a sunwheel scandal involving purloined gold and young boys from Simshane's House of Exotic Delights. He arrives at the sunwheel party just as Arithon uses iyats to awaken the priests in front of Etarra's elite. He orders Arithon, disguised as the old bard, taken in for questioning. Suspecting that he has captured Arithon, he allows his guard to slice open the blind bard's arm to weaken him for the Kralovir. When Arithon's touch of a Paravian in Kewar Tunnel allows him to destroy the entire Kralovir, Raiett Raven is killed. Kharadmon immolates the body so it cannot be used in future necromancy.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: After Seshkrozchiel razes Avenor, Sulfin Evend theorizes that Raiett Raven likely knew more than revealed about the origin of the drake skulls.


  • Sulfin Evend insists that Raiett's skill in statesmanship comes from dissembling evasion, not lying.