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Each of the five High Kingdoms of Athera are subdivided into principalities, based upon sacrosanct areas of free wilds. The borders of these principalities are not fixed -- they are energetic in function and subject to frequency shifts by season and events.

According to the author,

The areas are energetic in function - and frequency defines them, and frequency changes! Seasonally and by the Age of the Paravians, the kingdoms also had no boundaries - for the same reason - but were assigned such, for the clear comprehension of townsfolk who could not sense the energetic shifts and subtleties. A crowned High King, human though he would be, attuned to all FOUR elements, would have the subtle awareness necessary to "sense" the principalities. As such, each principality has an allocated "heartland" designate as free wilds, and these would be handled by clan chieftains resident there - and they would know their own country intimately well.[1]

For the sake of consistency, Wiki entries for each principality make some assumptions as to the borders and towns contained.


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