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Parrien s'Brydion is the second youngest brother of Duke Bransian of Alestron -- he is the middle child between Keldmar and Mearn[1]. Parrien is almost as tall as Bransian, with grey eyes and an imposing fitness.

He wears his mink-brown hair in a clan braid and looks almost like Keldmar's twin. The pair are often seen bickering.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: Parrien is first introduced when Dakar and Arithon arrive at Alestron to perform a Fellowship inventory of the armory. He and his brothers admit Dakar, disguised as a gem seller. When Dakar reveals Arithon's intentions, the four brothers head to their armory to catch a spy. The brothers attempt to trap Arithon in the armory, but he is able to locate their forbidden culverin first. When Arithon starts a fire as a diversionary tactic, they race to keep it from spreading but the armory explodes. All four brothers survive, and they recapture Dakar in the aftermath. In the interrogation of Dakar and Tharrick that follows, all four brothers are present. When Dakar weaves a geas of thirst, Parrien is the first to drink too much and fall asleep.

Following Asandir's arrival, the four brothers are told of the Compact and the reasons behind the culverin's proscribement. They are given a choice -- have the memory of the culverin erased, or spend the rest of their days trapped in their tower. All four choose to forget the culverin, and are left only with the memory that Arithon has destroyed their armory.

Third Age 5646: On the Autumn Equinox, Parrien is shown plotting with his brothers in a scried image from the lane watch.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: Bransian is about to go out hunting with Keldmar and Parrien when Lysaer arrives to explain the loss of the Werpoint fleet. By owning up to his defeat, Lysaer is able to convince the s'Brydion brothers to stage a winter attack on Merior.

Third Age 5647: After the abduction of Talith, Bransian notes that Parrien was recently married to Tiassa.

The brothers s'Brydion are protecting the supply lines at the time of the strike on the Havens. During the strike on Dier Kenton Vale, Parrien is kidnapped by clansmen from Rathain, while escorting a supply train out of Forthmark. Parrien, Keldmar, and Mearn are kept under guard in a shepherd's stone hut for three weeks until they're joined by Bransian, who has changed his stance on the war between Arithon and Lysaer based upon new information gleaned from Erlien's clansmen. Arithon convinces the four brothers to remain allied with Lysaer in name, in exchange for the entire ransom and the authority to call off Bransian's lancers.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Parrien departs from Alestron to Avenor, with the stated intent of celebrating Lysaer's second wedding. The ship takes an overpriced mooring in Southshire so Parrien can deliver a message at the Fat Pigeon Inn. He discovers Dakar trapped upstairs by an Alliance crown examiner and uses subterfuge to spirit him away. Parrien takes Dakar to a rendez-vous with Arithon at the Sanpashir ruins, surprised to find Arithon's ships camouflaged in the harbor. He learns of Arithon's longevity for the first time, and returns with him to the s'Brydion state galley so Arithon can review Dakar's dispatches. Parrien reveals Mearn and Cattrick's plot to destroy the Riverton shipyards, which Arithon does not sanction because of its effect on innocents and the potential for explosive retribution. Arithon attacks Parrien empty-handed. Subdued by Parrien's mercenaries, Arithon challenges Parrien to break his leg before being force fed wine.

Parrien returns Arithon to Dakar's care on the Khetienn. He orders his mercenaries, Vhandon and Talvish to break the prince's leg and then stand by in service as recompense. He then travels on to Avenor before Arithon awakens. The state galley picks up the conspirators from Riverton, including Cattrick and Ivel. Facsimiles of their dead bodies are fashioned from wax and bone to fool Lysaer's men, and the conspirators are secreted away to Alestron. Parrien is given a prominent position in Princess Ellaine's train at a state dinner, showing him to still be in Lysaer's good graces. After the wedding, the s'Brydion brothers return home, with Mearn's post taken over by a distant blood relative.

Third Age 5667: Parrien, Dawr, and the other brothers meet with a visiting Traithe in the inner citadel at Alestron. Traithe warns of Lysaer's long-term plans and passes on Sethvir's request to send three s'Brydion children to Havish for safety's sake.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Parrien, his brothers, and Sevrand welcome Fionn Areth to Alestron. When Fionn Areth expresses his desire to join the Alliance (unaware of s'Brydion loyalty), the boy is tossed in the dungeon. In late autumn, Parrien and his brothers are in council when they are interrupted by Feylind. She enlists their help in rousting Dakar from a brothel and departs aboard the Evenstar.

Third Age 5671: Parrien, his wife, Tiassa, and the s'Brydion brothers attend a musical performance arranged by Dame Dawr. The musician turns out to be Arithon, who warns that he has forseen their deaths and urges them to dismantle Alestron. After their refusal, he formally severs the alliance originally started during the Vastmark campaign.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Parrien commands armed galleys on the Cildein Ocean in the months leading up to the assault on Alestron. Once Adruin and Kalesh blockade the inlet, Parrien's ships are cut off from resupply and reduced in strategic value. Parrien's ships harry the movements of Sulfin Evend's mobilized troops, sailing north to Adruin from the south coast. After hearing of Keldmar's death, he resolves to take revenge on the Alliance ships. In need of resupply, Parrien orders his five galleys to attack Alliance ships in the lee of Lugger's Islet only to find that Vhandon's men have already sunk the fleet. Vhandon tells Parrien about Lysaer's initial attack on Alestron and the pair plot to attack Alestron's attackers under the cover of the remaining Alliance hulls.

Whipped on by Selidie Prime's intervention and deaf to Alithiel's song, Parrien's men embark on a vengeful path of bloodlust through the unaware Alliance troops, in spite of warning from Vhandon. Parrien's men are put to sleep by Dakar, who clears the Koriani compulsion and then awakens them for a quick retreat to the citadel. Parrien plans to turn about and rejoin the fleet of stolen hulls as soon as he reaches Alestron's harbor, but finds Tiassa waiting to welcome him home. He complains about his forced homecoming to Bransian, who reminds Parrien that he, too, was once controlled by a Koriani sigil.

When the incoming Evenstar is threatened by a bolt of Light, Arithon reflexively defends it with his gift of Shadow. Parrien's war galley is launched to save the crew and supply. They clear the decks and tow the charred boat through the Sea Gate. Parrien commands from Watch Keep during subsequent Alliance attacks. After the attackers breach the sea quarter, Bransian convinces him to plead for Arithon's assistance again. Dressed respectably, he learns from Talvish that Arithon has gone down into the sea quarter to use his Masterbard talents for healing. Parrien fails to convince Arithon and becomes stranded in the sea quarter when the lift up to the citadel is torched. Parrien attempts to kill Arithon in anger but Kyrialt intervenes, dying to Parrien's sword and leaving Arithon gravely wounded. Knocked unconscious by Dakar, Parrien is laid out amongst the wounded in subterfuge as the first Alliance forces enter the sea quarter. Convinced of Elaira's healing care, a sergeant arranges for the healers and wounded to be transported out of danger to the main Alliance camp.

Parrien regains consciousness during Sulfin Evend's inspection of the galley. Reclaimed by Selidie Prime's geas, he attacks Sulfin Evend, causing Talvish to draw Alithiel. The sword's song incapacitates everyone except Elaira, Talvish, and Dakar, and Sethvir (through the Atheran crystal) urges Elaira to escape on the tide. The group escapes to the Cildein Ocean in a scheduled courier sloop. Parrien agrees to navigate the sloop to Athir while Arithon remains unconscious from the aftereffects of Alithiel's song. His attempt to stow away on a passing trade lugger is thwarted by Dakar but he is put at ease by Elaira, who shows him scenes of the Siege of Alestron in her spell crystal. This action heals the channel used by the Koriathain to control him. Parrien warns her that Dakar may be up to something.

The party lands at Athir to await Fellowship help, but no Sorcerer has arrived by the time Arithon's unconscious body starts to lose vitality. Elaira chooses an untested path between the machinations of the Fellowship and Koriathain to save Arithon. With Parrien protecting her, she enacts a Koriani spell of possession that will allow her to interact with Arithon through Glendien's willing body. Elaira's magecraft raises the land's flux through the focus circle, preventing any outside interference. Arithon is made whole again and sung to sleep by Biedar singing in Sanpashir, unaware of his daughter's conception.

Asandir, Dakar, and Parrion sail south on a hired lugger. After a stop at Perdith for a new pennon, they slip through the blockade at Kalesh in spite of all attempts to stop them.


  • As a child, Parrien once broke both hands picking fights with a blacksmith's apprentice.
  • The mother of the s'Brydion brothers was poisoned to death by assassins from Adruin.


  1. In Grand Conspiracy, he is described as the "next oldest brother to the Duke", which may be a mistake.