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Morfett is the Lord Governor Supreme of Etarra. He is described as a man with ample girth and sagging chins. Later in life, he has liver-spotted skin and a jaundiced complexion.

Morfett has a wife and more than one daughter, but their names are not revealed in the story.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books of the series.

Curse of the Mistwraith

Third Age 5638: Morfett is first introduced when sunlight breaks over Etarra for the first time in five hundred years. After spending several days hiding indoors, he goes outside to convince warring factions to calm. The Fellowship arrive in force and inform Morfett that he will be swearing fealty to Arithon s'Ffalenn as High King of Rathain.

He is present when Asandir affirms Arithon's right of succession in Etarra, mistakenly believing that the purpose of the ceremony is only to affirm his ancestry. Following this ceremony, he goes to the taproom with Lysaer and Diegan where he has too much to drink. The next morning, Morfett convenes the Governors' Council to outlaw monarchy. When the council learns that the farmers and poor might riot, they pass a law abdicating from power instead.

On the day of the coronation, he is kept in the council hall with his ranking ministers under the watchful eye of Asandir. After eavesdropping on Asandir and Traithe, Morfett attempts to tell the ministers about the Fellowship's troubles, but is silenced by Traithe. He awakens on his own after Traithe departs, and presides over the meeting with Lysaer after the failed coronation. The Governors' Council votes in favor of mustering for war.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: Morfett holds an audience with a headhunter who is concerned with the delay of couriers from the East. He seems uninterested in the causes.

Third Age 5646: Morfett is in attendance at the council of city garrison captains when Lysaer returns to Etarra enroute to Werpoint. He cannot be heard above the noise in the council hall.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5667: Morfett's health is failing, and the Etarran council gathers to discuss his succession. Morfett convinces the nine guilds of Etarra to ratify a decision allowing Lysaer to run for office. Morfett summons Lysaer to attend to him in his last hours. He asks him to run for Lord Governor Supreme and to transform Etarra into a fortress for the Light. He requests that the northern keep of the new fortress (overlooking the Tal Quorin be named after himself. Morfett dies soon afterwards.