Lysaer - Role in the Story (Ships of Merior)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5644: Lysaer spends the next six years forging alliances across Rathain against Arithon. He requests the authority to restore Avenor from the Mayor Elect of Korias. The legality of this request is suspect, since Lysaer has not been sanctioned for rule by the Fellowship. He meets with Talith in Etarra after a campaign and expresses his desire to bring her to Avenor.

In early spring, he sets off for Avenor with Talith by his side. He is accompanied by Etarran men-at-arms and one hundred wains containing the funds for restoring Avenor, as well as Talith's dowry. They travel from Etarra, by way of the land route around the Instrell Bay. At each town along the way, the retinue is inveigled and given more gifts to earn favour. When Lysaer's retinue passes the city of Isaer on the Great West Road, the Mayor of Isaer has a team of headhunters sent to arrest or kill him. In a twist of tricks and diplomacy, Lysaer turns the encounter to his advantage, forcing the mayor to host a state visit instead. Although Lysaer refuses to advocate violence against the clans of Tysan, he still manages to win Isaer's support, leaving town with four ox wains full of pottery, patterned linen, and dyed feathers for pen nibs.

In the Pass of Orlan, the caravan is stopped by Maenalle s'Gannley and her clansmen. Lysaer offers her alliance, which she refuses citing the lack of sanction by the Fellowship, and the influence of the Curse on Lysaer. Because of the guest oath he swore in Curse of the Mistwraith, Lysaer is allowed to leave with his mount and weapons, but the remainder of his caravan is stripped clean off riches and weapons. In hindsight, it is revealed that Lysaer intended this outcome to gain footing in his eventual meeting with the Mayor of Erdane. Lysaer's caravan arrives in Erdane three weeks later. Lysaer and his troops are billeted in Erdane while more gold is levied in Rathain. After another nightmare on the midsummer solstice, he sends a ride to Karfael to post a reward of one thousand royals in exchange for confirmed words of unnatural events. Soon after, he bestows a jeweled pledge run upon Lady Talith, and departs for Avenor with a select guard of troops.

Third Age 5645: Lysaer arrives at the ruins and raise Avenor throughout the summer. Lysaer practices his light mastery in private. When the mayor of Karfael sends him twenty-eight clansmen in chains, Lysaer frees them as an object lesson in Avenor's justice. The next morning, he allows a company of Karfael's archers to shoot at him as a test of his light. He is able to survive unscathed.

Third Age 5646: The reconstruction of Avenor continues, and one tower has been completed by the time that Lady Talith and Captain Mayor Pesquil arrive with news of Arithon's whereabouts. Lysaer surprises Talith with the news that he has set a wedding date in the coming spring, but is then distracted by Pesquil's news. A month after wedding, Lysaer travels south on a boar hunt, and loses his royal escort in order to meet with a Koriathain enchantress. He bargains with the Koriathain to learn of Arithon's location in exchange for the location of the Great Waystone. The vision of Arithon triggers the curse, and the enchantress arranges a meeting with a wild boar to restore his control. He also learns of Maenalle's betrayal.

With Arithon's location in hand, Lysaer and Pesquil lead the troops east towards Rathain. Lysaer's gift with light is strong enough to protect his entire army through the Pass of Orlan, where he also takes Maenalle s'Gannley captive and sentences her to death. After Maenalle's execution in Isaer, Lysaer's officers work to dispel the dread amongst the troops. He leaves 700 of his men behind in Isaer to keep order, and marches to Etarra to convene with the city garrisons of Rathain, arriving in late summer. Through subterfuge and statecraft, Lysaer gains the funds necessary to transport his troops by ship from Werpoint to Merior. His own 3483 men, combined with the men from 16 city garrisons combines into a standing army of thirty-five thousand troops. He also spends a night drinking with Keldmar s'Brydion, in an attempt to prevent Alestron's troops from preemptively moving against Arithon.

Lysaer travels with his troops from Etarra to Werpoint by way of Valleygap, stung by losses inflicted by Jieret s'Valerient's clansmen. When Pesquil is killed by a clan vengeance arrow, Lysaer is there to record his last words, which are instructions on keeping the army safe to Werpoint. On his death, Lysaer swears his intent to make Pesquil's monument the army's safe arrival in Perlorn, and convinces the garrisons to accept the leadership of the captains from Avenor. Lysaer's army finally arrives in Werpoint three months after leaving Etarra. They are met with a supply shortage and a closing window of opportunity to board their requisitioned ships before the winter winds change.

Before the ships can be loaded, Arithon triggers the curse in Lysaer by casting shadow across the harbor, and then creating the illusion of a pirate fleet, similar to the ones Lysaer would remember from Dascen Elur. After destroying them with his powers of Light, the illusion disperses to reveal derelict fishing boats filled with fir tinder which set the Werpoint fleet ablaze. Still unfazed by the fact that he is cursed, Lysaer realizes in retrospect that he should have known that the ships were an illusion. He helps with the wounded in the harbor and works with the mayor's council to map out a new plan. Ships are sent to Jaelot with some men from Avenor to requisition other ships and secure supplies for the winter in Werpoint. The bulk of the army must disband and return to Etarra. After the captain of the Savrid delivers a message from Arithon, Lysaer pleads for the use of his ship. The captain declines and is murdered for political expediency through the actions of Diegan.