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Harradene is the Lord Commander of Etarra's army, promoted after Diegan's transition. He is described as a broad-shouldered veteran with a clipped, black beard and "china doll" blue eyes beneath a wedged forehead and grizzled black eyebrows.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: When Pesquil arrives in Etarra with news of Arithon's whereabouts, Harradene is out on campaign.

Third Age 5646: Harradene is present at the rendezvous of Rathain city garrisons in Etarra. In Lysaer's absence, he argues for an immediate seaward attack on Merior in spite of the ruinous cost. Later, he commands the Etarran veterans under Lysaer on the march to Werpoint. After the army arrives in Perlorn, he is responsible for arraigning garrison deserters.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5647: Harradene stands with Lysaer in the last stages of the Vastmark campaign, after the strike on Dier Kenton Vale. It is unclear if he had been with the troops for the entire campaign, or arrived after Diegan's death. Harradene warns Lysaer that the changing weather and depleting rations will lead to more iyat mischief. Later, he coordinates with other captains to plan for inevitable troop illnesses as the weather worsens.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5647: Following the Vastmark campaign, Harradene travels to Avenor to represent Etarra at the foundational meeting of the Alliance of Light.

Third Age 5653: Although Harradene isn't mentioned by name, he leads the Etarran troops deployed to rout clan presence in Caithwood.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Harradene meets with Sulfin Evend in Avenor and is given Lysaer's permission to burn Caithwood to flush the hiding clansmen. Harradene receives Lysaer's sealed orders in Watercross and mobilizes Alliance forces to burn Caithwood. When the forest is awakened by Asandir, all of Harradene's forces are struck senseless into a stasis. These forces are transported to Avenor and lodged.

Third Age 5654: After Sethvir arranges for the protection of Caithwood, the troops are awakened. Because of the time spent under the spell of the trees, the troops are unfit to continue serving the Alliance. Advised by Cerebeld, Harradene arranges to meet Lysaer publicly in Avenor to be released from duty.


  • Harradene's normal scowl is nicknamed "the bear's lair" by his recruits.