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Gace Steward is the Royal Steward in Lysaer's household. He's described as a closemouthed, stringy man with the bad habit of slinking about, and has narrow fingers. Gace runs Lysaer's household like a high-strung dictator, to the point where even the kitchen workers fear to gossip.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: Gace Steward receives a messenger from Watercross following the campaign to burn Caithwood and interrupts a supper between Lysaer and his trade ministers.

Third Age 5654: Gace Steward is responsible for compiling the towns' responses to invitations for Lysaer's upcoming wedding. When Gace Steward notes the absence of a s'Brydion delegation at the wedding, Lysaer instead chastises him for allowing the red wine to run low. After her wedding, Gace Steward rebuffs attempts by Princess Ellaine to get involved in crown affairs. After the conspiracy at Riverton, the Cabal of Light hold a clandestine meeting to plot the spread of Light across all five kingdoms. Gace Steward suggests that a long-term plan to invade Havish would solve their problems.

Third Age 5667: During the Summer Solstice festival, Gace Steward attempts to gloat over the machinations that have separated Kevor s'Ilessid from his mother during his education, but is chased away by Dawr s'Brydion. He passes on word of this encounter to Cerebeld.

Third Age 5669: When portents fill the sky, Ellaine orders Gace Steward to provide candles for Kevor's plan to calm the populace. Gace Steward attempts to keep Kevor in the castle, but is stood down by Kevor and the backing of the watch captain.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Gace Steward reveals to Ellaine that Cerebeld granted permission for Prince Kevor to travel to Karfael. When a courier arrives from Karfael with word of Prince Kevor, Gace Steward interrupts Cerebeld's morning devotions to warn him of Ellaine's bid to seize autonomy.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5671: Lysaer and Sulfin Evend return to Avenor and find that Gace Steward is one of several council members suborned by necromancy. He is arrested for his role in the conspiracy to murder Lady Talith. Gace Steward and the others are sent to the dungeon to await trial, guarded by Sulfin Evend. He tries to convince Sulfin Evend of his innocence. At nightfall, Lysaer is tricked into visiting the dungeon, triggering a repossession of the conspirators' bodies by necromancers. Sulfin Evend kills Cerebeld with an iron-tipped bolt, but the necromancers merely jump into Gace Steward. His body is incinerated when Lysaer burns down the dungeon with his gift of light.