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The flint knife is an artifact carried by Enithen Tuer which works as an active line of defense against necromancy. It is black with an obsidian handle and carried in a deerskin thong.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Enithen Tuer gives the knife to Sulfin Evend to perform a ritual of excision upon Lysaer. Once the knife leaves her care, Enithen Tuer is attacked by specters of a necromancer. Only intervention by Luhaine allows her to die naturally. Sulfin Evend uses the knife to restore Lysaer's autonomy in a ritual of excision in Erdane. Because Lysaer willingly started his blood rituals, Sulfin Evend must allow him to take the flint knife and willingly sever the final tie of necromancy.

At Althain Tower, Sulfin Evend accepts a direct ward to protect himself from necromancy instead of the knife. Asandir asks that the knife be returned to the Biedar at his earliest convenience.

Third Age 5671: Sulfin Evend shows the knife to the Koriathain in Hanshire as proof that Lysaer has the protection he needs from necromancy. When Lysaer returns to Avenor to confront his corrupt council, he wears the knife. When Lysaer is in danger of reposession by conspirators in Avenor's dungeon, Sulfin Evend holds the knife against his neck to protect him.

During a curse-driven argument, Lysaer attempts to wound Sulfin Evend with the blade. Meant only for defense, the blade causes a backlash of Fire to sting Lysaer. Lysaer attacks Sulfin Evend again outside the hostel at Spire. The backlash this time causes him to discard the blade's protections. Sulfin Evend reclaims the blade to return it to the Biedar in Sanpashir.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: Sulfin Evend delivers the blade to the Biedar and learns from the Biedar Crone that Arithon will someday wield the knife and secure Lysaer's deliverance.

Third Age 5672: The Biedar Crone uses an ancient flint knife to cut the birth-cord of her infant successor, but it is unclear if this is the same knife.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5923: After judging Elaira's spirit, the Biedar Eldest names her as the tribe's emissary and gives her the flint knife. Elaira is charged to deliver the knife to Arithon and allowed to use the knife once on her own behalf.

Destiny's Conflict

Third Age 5923: At Althain Tower, Sethvir explains to Elaira the off-world origins of the flint knife and the involvement of Jessian of the Koriathain. He reveals that the knife predates Athera's Second Age and was created for Jessian's requital.

Third Age 5924: Elaira reaches the entrance to Kewar Tunnel in late autumn. Unable to breach Davien's defenses on her own, she uses the flint knife and the single boon granted by the Biedar to gain entry. From Enithen Tuer's private diaries, she learns that Requiar of the Lassiver heritage stood surety for Jessian's secret, and one of the succeeding generation of the Hasidii heritage broke the covenant. As a result, both lineages assumed the responsibility of mending the breaches in integrity to the end of time, with the flint knife as the physical representation of this intent.

Davien examines the flint knife and suggests that it offers a consensual way to interact with Biedar ancestry. Elaira learns that Audua Sedjii an Teshua stole the flint knife from the Biedar and joined the Koriathain. When she failed to take down the Koriathain, she asked the Fellowship to release her from her vows. She kept the flint knife and settled in Erdane as Enithen Tuer, believing that she was the last living person who could use its powers. She used the knife once to free orphans from the Gray Kralovir, earning their lifelong enmity.

Elaira learns that Arithon and Lysaer share a connection to the Lassiver lineage of the Biedar tribe through their s'Ahelas ancestry. This connection explains why the Biedar Eldest intended for the flint knife to reach Arithon, and why Lysaer was able to use its powers. Through additional weeks of study, she learns that the flint knife was created to sunder magical bindings.