Fionn Areth's Prophecy

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

In Araethura, a seeress with Sight traditionally attended every birth, death, and wedding. Such a matriarch delivered the following prophecy at the birth of Fionn Areth in Third Age 5647.

One child, four possible fates, looped through the thread of his life span. He will grow to reach manhood. Should he die in fire, none suffers but he. Yours to choose when that time comes, Fferedon'li. Should he die on salt water, the one ye love most falls beside him. Should he die landbound, in crossed steel and smoke, the same one ye cherish survives, but betrayed. Yet should this child's days extend to old age, first the five kingdoms, then the whole world will plunge into darkness, never to see sunlight or redemption. Your burden to choose in the hour of trial, Fferedon'li, and this child's to give, the natural death or the sacrifice.[1]

This augury ties the fates of Arithon and Elaira to Fionn Areth, and resurfaces frequently throughout Alliance of Light.


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