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Fiark is the son of Jinesse in the town of Merior. He has a twin sister named Feylind. The twins have grey eyes[1] and platinum blond hair.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books from the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: When Arithon and Dakar make landfall at Merior, Fiark and Feylind are barely eight years old. They are kept off of the sea by their overprotective mother, who has just lost her husband in a fishing accident. The pair soon latch onto Arithon and spend all of their time in his shipyard. When the Talliarthe is complete, Arithon takes Jinesse and the twins on a trip to Innish, easing her fears of the ocean.

Third Age 5646: When Arithon agrees to remain in Innish at Deartha's request, Jinesse and the twins are transported back home on a reliable merchant vessel. The twins are also present at a fisherman's wedding in Merior, bothering their mother for taffy.

Warhost of Vastmark

Third Age 5646: The twins invite Arithon home with them after he returns to the destruction of his shipyard. They are the most vocal in their chastisement of Tharrick for burning the yard, but are scolded by their mother.

Third Age 5647: When the Khetienn is launched and towed to Southshire for completion, the twins stow away. They are chastised by Arithon when the Khetienn eventually rejoins him in the Cascain Islands. When Jinesse tracks the twins down, she hopes that Fiark will become an apprentice to a weaver in Shaddorn. He would prefer to be a trade factor, and Arithon has found a house in Innish willing to train him. Jinesse and Tharrick travel aboard the Talliarthe with the twins and a loyal seaman of Arithon, so Feylind can prove her sailing skills.

On the trip through the straits, Tharrick disables the loyal seaman and flees with Jinesse and the twins. They travel up the coast towards Ithish. Fiark tries to help Feylind escape, but never succeeds until she attracts the attention of clansmen in the wilderness. After Feylind's departure, the remaining three continue on to Innish.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: By now, Fiark is a journeyman trade factor in Innish. In this position, he coordinates the covert movements of Arithon's information and contraband by ship. Feylind visits aboard the Evenstar, and the pair boards the Cariadwin to meet with clan captives from Tysan. He provides the ship with the proper cargo to justify a trip to Alland where the clansmen can find safety in Selkwood Forest.

In late summer, Arithon is recovering in Tharrick and Jinesse's attic. Fiark is present when Feylind learns that the twins have been granted title to the Evenstar.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5653: In autumn, Fiark receives a coded letter from Arithon with instructions for future communications and a humorous request to kept Feylind out of his affairs.

Third Age 5654: When Feylind begs to learn of Arithon's supply stops, Fiark reminds her that Arithon has left explicit instructions to keep the Evenstar clear. He is later shown organizing the supply routes to keep Arithon safely at sea.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Feylind arrives in Innish aboard the Evenstar. She protests Fiark's plan to enlist the Evenstar to help the famine in Havish. By this time, Fiark has married Corra. He has a son, and also cares for Feylind's two children.

Third Age 5671: Feylind returns and asks Fiark to look into the Innish shipworker who sabotaged her ship for the Koriathain. She begs for a cargo headed west to Havish.

Fiark arranges for a merchant brig to meet Arithon and Dakar near Southshire as part of Arithon's plan to sabotage the Light's efforts in the south. When Kyrialt and Glendien sneak into Innish, they are waylaid by Fiark and Tharrick to prevent discovery by sunwheel clairvoyants.

Stormed Fortress

Third Age 5671: While recovering in Sanpashir, Arithon pens several notes releasing Fiark and other allies from their obligations to him. This action indirectly delays Sulfin Evend's muster along the southshore.

The Evenstar makes port in Innish enroute to Alestron. Unable to dissuade Feylind and Teive from a dangerous course, Tharrick reveals the signals needed to reach Alestron's inner harbour, Fiark agrees to sign the ship's manifest, and Jinesse releases Arithon from his oath of protection over the twins by sending the royal signet along with Feylind.


  • Although Fiark is not mentioned after Stormed Fortress, the author states that he would have raised his family (along with Feylind and Teive's orphans) throughout a long and successful life as a merchant factor at Innish.[2]


  1. In Warhost of Vastmark, Fiark's eyes are described as blue, but in Fugitive Prince, they are slate-coloured.
  2. Email with Janny Wurts, March 22, 2021