Etarran Prophecy

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Dakar recites the Etarran Prophecy in Third Age 5638 before the failed coronation of Arithon.

After observing Arithon wearing the royal circlet, Dakar has a vision of chaos in the Etarran square, followed by a bout of prescience which he cannot remember when he wakes up. During the story, this prophecy is said to clash with the Black Rose Prophecy, but the exact wording has not been revealed. The author has stated that it may come into play again at some point in the future.[1]

Sorrow and grief the strands foretold, were the Fellowship to stand restored to Seven, but with a second, unanticipated forecast entangled on top of the first, the validity of Dakar's Black Rose Prophecy stood threatened. Caught in the critical crux, the Fellowship raged with tied hands. They dared use no power to divert, but could only inadequately observe the blow as, inevitably, it must fall.[2]


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