Elaira - Role in the Story (Initiate's Trial)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

Third Age 5672: Elaira becomes handfast to Rathain.

Third Age 5922: Elaira has lived as a Koriani oath breaker for over two and a half centuries in the Storlain Mountains. She senses the moment when Arithon escapes from Koriani captivity. She is visited by Kharadmon, who explains the Biedar tribe's role in the escape and the Fellowship's vow of noninterference. He also reveals that the Biedar are outside of the Compact -- having arrived on Athera before mankind, they negotiated directly with the Paravians for inhabitance. Although Elaira can still feel Arithon through their empathic bond, it is revealed that Arithon placed all memories of Elaira in Rathain's royal signet ring to prevent Selidie Prime from using her as a personal weapon against him. Elaira realizes that any encounter with Arithon might expose him to danger prematurely before he has a chance to rediscover the identity hidden from him by the Biedar during his escape.

She resolves to visit the Biedar herself and travels out of the mountains, constantly beset by Koriani probes. Through the empathic bond, she senses Arithon interacting with Kerelie and Tarens and realizes that Selidie Prime must be manipulating the True Sect in search of Arithon. While traveling she seeks comfort and refuge in the memories stored within Arithon's royal signet ring.

Elaira arrives in Redburn enroute on a Night of Mourning. While scrying for Koriani pursuit, she is distracted by the accession ceremony for High King Gestry s'Lornmein. Sethvir protects her awareness. Pursued by four initiates, she recites a vow to oppose them. It is revealed that this vow once summoned Davien and Seshkrozchiel to her aid. Though no help arrives from this quarter, she discovers that the four initiates are unable to stop her from boarding an outbound ship.

Third Age 5923: After storm-driven delays in the South Strait, Elaira lands at Ithish in late winter. In spite of a Koriani ambush, she takes time provide compassionate care to a beggar wounded in a dock accident. The beggar reveals himself to be sent by the Reiyaj Seeress and claims that Elaira's character has earned his protection until she reaches the Biedar. The man accompanies her to Sanpashir Desert and tells her to wait for escort. Elaira is met by a Biedar desertman and female dancers. The desertman asks if she is the first of the Koriathain to treat with the Biedar in seamless integrity since Jessian Oathkeeper and escorts her to the Biedar Eldest. The Biedar Eldest tells Elaira that the Biedar were responsible for Dari s'Ahelas' gift of prophecy and its inheritance by the half-brothers. Elaira thanks her for her role in freeing Arithon and the crone hints at the outcome of Elaira's actions at Athir. The sorceress refuses this knowledge and also the offer to sever her vow to the Koriathain. The Biedar Eldest names her as the tribe's emissary and gives her the flint knife. She is charged to deliver the knife to Arithon and allowed to use the knife once on her own behalf. Elaira agrees only to consult with Sethvir for more information.

Heading north, Elaira is affected every time Selidie Prime uses an imprint of her love to goad Arithon into flight in Lanshire. Her scrying reveals that Selidie Prime intends to reaffix the Mistwraith's curse when Arithon crosses the border out of Havish.