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Darkling is an inland city in Daon Ramon, Rathain, along the trade road between Etarra and Eastwall. The city was built in the foothills of the Skyshiel Mountains and is surrounded by an outer curtain wall.

The symbol of Darkling depicts a tower and a mountain.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Troops from Darkling support a coordinated Alliance offensive to capture Arithon in Daon Ramon Barrens. Three hundred strong, they are reduced to just fifty-six, after Arithon uses shadow and music to evade them. The remaining troops provide pressure from the east as Lysaer attempts to surround Arithon.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5671: A sunwheel priest corrupted by the Kralovir is killed here when Arithon purges necromancy from Etarra. Kharadmon immolates the body so no traces can be use in future necromancy.