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"Convocation" is the term for a periodic gathering of the Fellowship, during which they review their responsibilities on Athera.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Ships of Merior

Third Age 5645: On the Spring Equinox, Asandir, Traithe, and Sethvir convene at Meth Isle Fortress, where they review wards of protection over world gates and preserves.

Third Age 5646: On Summer Solstice, only Sethvir and Asandir convene at Althain Tower.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5648: On the Spring Equinox, the Fellowship meet at Althain Tower.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: On the Summer Solstice, the Fellowship meet at Earle, as it is one of the few places accessible to Traithe from Havish.