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Cerebeld holds the appointed position of Lord Examiner and (later) High Priest of the Light in Avenor. He is described as a large, sallow-faced man with a stalking tread, an axe-blade nose, a grey bread, plum lips, and obsidian eyes. His chains of office consist of interlocked dragons.

Cerebeld is a disciplined early riser who reserves the hours before breakfast for devotions.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Fugitive Prince

Third Age 5653: Cerebeld's mistress is Lady Talith's handmaiden and sleeps in the chamber below the one where Talith is confined. Based on conjecture from the handmaiden, Lysaer and his inner circle visit Talith in her tower. Cerebeld formally corroborates the handmaiden's suspicions of Talith's pregnancy.

Grand Conspiracy

Third Age 5654: Under Cerebeld's watch, three practitioners of magic are given the opportunity to prove their powers on Caithwood's fallen troops. Sethvir reveals himself during the trial and bargains with Cerebeld, who agrees to a grant of protection for Caithwood in exchange for the awakening of the troops. Sethvir observes Cerebeld communicating telepathically with Lysaer, a man he believes to be godsent. When Lysaer returns to Avenor, Cerebeld advises Harradene to broach his fitness for duty in public after realizing that the fallen troops can no longer serve the Alliance and that there are no funds for pensions. He informs Lysaer of recent events, including the antics of Parrien in Southshire and preparations for the wedding.

Cerebeld constantly rebuffs Princess Ellaine's attempts to get involved in crown affairs after her wedding. After the conspiracy at Riverton, the Cabal of Light hold a clandestine meeting to plot the spread of Light across all five kingdoms. Cerebeld is the sole attendee who already knows Lysaer's long-term plans.

Third Age 5667: By now, the priesthood has begun to link minds and transmit images across Paravia, with the long-range goal of establishing an information network in all five High Kingdoms. After learning from Gace Steward that Dawr s'Brydion spoke with Lady Ellaine, he decides to send an Alliance representative to Alestron.

Third Age 5669: Cerebeld calls for an assembly of the council after portents fill the sky. Before the priesthood can convene, Ellaine takes control of the council, allowing Kevor to proceed with a plan to calm the populace through candle lighting and prayer. Davien later observes Cerebeld opening a locked chest in his tower. Cerebeld assembles the priesthood and marches to the town square, but Kevor has already calmed the populace before the priesthood can capture the moment. Afterwards, Cerebeld passes this information on to Lysaer telepathically.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Ellaine intrudes upon Cerebeld's morning devotions to ask about Prince Kevor's mission to Karfael. Her attempt to join the Prince is rebuffed after Cerebeld reveals that Arithon has returned to the continent. Cerebeld allows Lysaer to transmit the Word of the Light to disciples in Morvain, Etarra, and Darkling, informing them of the plan to corner Arithon at Ithamon. The power of this daily experience allows Cerebeld to sustain himself through his rote duties to the Light.

Cerebeld conspires with Lord Koshlin to give Princess Ellaine incontrovertible proof that Lady Talith was murdered, in hopes of frightening her into submission. When a courier arrives from Karfael with word of Prince Kevor, Cerebeld is involved in his daily devotions. He is interrupted by Gace Steward and learns that Princess Ellaine has seized the moment to send royal heralds out of Avenor. In order to prevent her from spreading word of Lady Talith's murder, he decides that a retinue of priests should accompany her if she travels to Erdane.

After Ellaine goes missing, Cerebeld sends the royal guard out, but fails to locate her. He keeps the Cabal of Light updated on Lysaer's movements through Daon Ramon Barrens and observes Lysaer being reunited with the Etarran army.

When Sethvir records a last testament, Cerebeld is shown teaching his acolytes old, unclean practices and handling Tysan's state policy in Lysaer's absence. After receiving the news from Lysaer, Cerebeld and twelve acolytes inform the populace of Avenor that Arithon has entered Kewar Tunnel to become a demon.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Cerebeld renews the search for Princess Ellaine with Lysaer's return home imminent. One morning, he attempts to communicate with Lysaer, unaware that the prince was just freed from the grips of necromancers by Sulfin Evend. While searching for Lysaer's presence, he succumbs to the call of necromancers himself.

Cerebeld sends an acolyte to the bedchamber of Raiett Raven and learns the passwords needed for the man's spy network. He uses this to restart his search for Ellaine. When Princess Ellaine arrives in Havish she brings the smuggled proof of conspiracy with her. Ianfar s'Gannley sees Koshlin's seal on the document and notes that Cerebeld has long been a suspected affiliate of a necromancer. After Cerebeld learns that Ellaine is bound for Alestron, he orders an acolyte to visit Duke Bransian in search of proof of conspiracy. When this acolyte is turned away at the gate, a dispatch is sent to Cerebeld stating that the s'Brydion family has given sanctuary to Ellaine and employed Cattrick.

Third Age 5671: Cerebeld learns from Raiett Raven's spy ring that Lysaer will receive news of the conspiracy through King Eldir and plots with the high council for Lysaer's return to Avenor. Lysaer and Sulfin Evend return to Avenor and arrest Cerebeld, his four senior acolytes, and others on the council for conspiracy in the murder of Lady Talith. While Lysaer sentences the group, Sethvir frees the trapped souls suborned by necromancy. Cerebeld and the others are sent to the dungeon to await trial, guarded by Sulfin Evend. He appears unresponsive until nightfall when Lysaer arrives. Necromancers repossess Cerebeld by draining the life of three other conspirators. Sulfin Evend kills Cerebeld with an iron-tipped bolt, but the necromancers merely jump into Gace Steward.