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Capewell is a town on the Mainmere Bay in Korias, Tysan. It sits on the trade road between Tideport and Quarn.

The Koriathain have a strong presence in Capewell, with a sisterhouse as well as an orphanage out of a former merchant's palace, looming five stories high over the harborside market. The sisterhouse contains an observatory in a former watchtower. Once used to monitor ship traffic, the watchtower was fitted with arrow slits after the rebellion, and finally protected with copper wards and black slate to support Koriani magecraft. The courtyard contains dwarf pear trees.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Fugitive Prince.

Third Age 5652: Morriel sets a plot to capture Arithon in motion from the observatory here. After something goes wrong, Lirenda breaks the seals of privacy on the observatory with the help of the sisterhouse's senior circle and traces the arc of Morriel's conjury to capture Arithon. She ultimately leaves Morriel where she has fallen, so as not to disturb the conjury in progress.


  • At one time, Capewell was known for its formal herb gardens.