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Braggen is one of the fourteen Companions who survived the massacre at Tal Quorin. He is described as having a beard, massive shoulders, and a hot-tempered courage. Braggen is often the man selected to voice the concerns of the others because of his dauntless nature.

He has a wife and daughter living in Fallowmere but spends more of his time in Jieret's camp at Halwythwood.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from multiple books in the series.

Peril's Gate

Third Age 5670: Braggen is part of Jieret's war band in Daon Ramon Barrens. When Jieret tends to Arithon's wounds, Braggen asks about Arithon's condition. When Arithon's ritual to awaken Jieret's mage-sight goes awry, Braggen and the other Companions miscontrue the event as Curse-driven. Braggen challenges Arithon at swordpoint until Theirid pleads for the prince. Braggen weeps in shame when Arithon sings to awaken Alithiel.

When Arithon devises a plan to thwart the Alliance army, Braggen is given the most difficult task of carrying the ninth spelled proxy. However, Jieret changes the plan, intending to take the ninth proxy himself while Braggen to takes Arithon to safety. Braggen swears his oath on Alithiel that he will not falter. After a ritual, Arithon's spirit is bound to Alithiel and Braggen takes responsibility for the sword and Arithon's inert body. During the Companions' attack on the Alliance army, Braggen escorts Arithon through gaps in the Etarran army's lines, heading northwest. He ambushes an Etarran patrol under Dorik, and uses subterfuge to pass through an Alliance checkpoint. Braggen hides from a pursuing patrol with the help of a hostler friendly to clansmen. His trail is quickly picked up in the Mathorn Mountains by Skannt's best tracker.

After finding a defensible pass in the mountains, he unsheaths Alithiel, restoring Arithon to his physical body, and entreats the prince to continue fleeing. Braggen kills the bowmen and dogs in the tracking party with arrows and forces the survivors to fight him in the mountain cleft one at a time. He kills two soliders (Jolm and Gery) before running out of strength, but is saved by Arithon who kills the remaining soldiers with arrows from above. Arithon and Braggen reach a clan outpost in the Mathorn Mountains before dawn on the Spring Equinox. Arithon wishes for Braggen to return home to Jeynsa, so Braggen is left in the care of the clansmen at the outpost.

Traitor's Knot

Third Age 5670: Braggen finally returns home to Halwythwood just before summer. Accused by Eriegal of falling short in his protection of Arithon, he reveals the entire story of Arithon's escape into Kewar Tunnel.

Third Age 5671: Eriegal, Sidir, and Braggen ride to Caith-al-Caen to welcome Arithon. Braggen is given the honor of bearing Alithiel during Barach's oath of fealty. Besotted on brandy the next day, Dakar predicts the birth of a baby girl from Arithon and Elaira. The mutable prescience is overheard by Sidir, who dispatches Braggen to rouse the scouts for a search. A later conversation between Braggen, Barach, Sidir, and Dakar is overheard by Jeynsa, who draws her own conclusions about their discussion of necromancy in Etarra. That evening, Braggen attends the council between Barach, the clan elders, and others. When Elaira returns, she argues that the clansmen should have allowed Arithon his free choice to act upon Selidie's trap.

Initiate's Trial

Third Age 5674: Following Eriegal's trial for betraying Arithon, Braggen is forced to serve as his executioner. This is due to Braggen's role as Jeynsa's proxy when Barach swore fealty to Arithon.


  • Braggen's uncle sat with Arithon after the battle at Tal Quorin and claimed that he picked up his best collection of insults from the recovering prince.
  • Braggen and Sidir are the same height.