Ath's Hostel - Ettinmere

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A hostel once belonging to Ath's Brotherhood is located in the Ettinmere Settlement. By Third Age 1450, it had been active for over one thousand years.

Role in the Story

Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Destiny's Conflict.

Third Age 5923: While researching the danger presented by Ettinmere shamans in the library at Althain Tower, Elaira learns that the hostel at Ettinmere had been wrested from the brotherhood's vigilance at some point in the past. Gifted with knowledge from Shehane Althain, she learns that the major fault-lines in the Storlain Mountains threatened to cause cataclysm after the Paravians stopped stabilizing them and disappeared. The Ettin shamans' ancestors were once Ath's Adepts who renounced their passive tenets to stabilize these faults. The larger body of Ath's Adepts sealed off the portals to this sanctuary, leaving a finite reservoir of power behind.

Third Age 5925: Trapped by Ettin shamans, Arithon asks for knowledge from one of Ath's Adepts. The adept offers him an escape with the potential of returning incarnate at one of their hostels. Realizing that this would not wrest away the fallen hostel, Arithon requests help facing the shamans instead. The adept explains that she would be able to rejoin the severed hostel to the prime vibration but that all bindings on Arithon's body and spirit would disband in accordance with their tenets.

Arithon awakens in Ettin during a ceremony of ritual dismemberment with the shamans stripped of their mage talent. A circle of twelve adepts rejoins the hostel to the prime vibration as he flees.