Asandir - Role in the Story (Ships of Merior)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Ships of Merior.

Third Age 5644: Six years after the Battle of Strakewood, Asandir is leaving the city of Ostermere having assisted with the coronation of King Eldir and the transition of Havish to crown rule. He is headed north towards the ruins when Eldir's champion catches up to him to inform that Dakar is dying. Asandir returns to Ostermere to find Dakar in good health, and punishes him with a bout of nightmares and an order to keep Arithon safe.

Third Age 5645: On the Vernal Equinox, the Fellowship convocation (Sethvir, Asandir, and Traithe) reviews its responsibilities to Athera. Verrain is also present. They cast strands to study the methuri of the past, in hopes of discovering knowledge about the Mistwraith's curse. Because the veil of time is only opaque to those senses tied to flesh, Asandir goes into a trance and exits his body for the scrying. Next, the Fellowship revisits the exact moment of possession, raising an image of Arithon's personal signature over Meth Isle Fortress, interfering with a Koriani probe. Although it prevents the Koriathain from discovering Arithon's whereabouts, it reveals his personal Name pattern and the fact that he had drunk from the Five Centuries Fountain. After the scrying, Sethvir requests that Asandir deliver a package to Arithon, since he is heading north to Rockfell anyhow.

Asandir visits Alestron to discuss the s'Brydion family's secret weapon, but is deterred by the seneschal. When Arithon invokes the Paravian mysteries on midsummer solstice, Asandir changes course from Rockfell Peak to assist them. Asandir intercepts the fleeing party and directs them to a safe cave. He agrees to help transport Halliron home in exchange for Dakar's word to resume his protection of Arithon. He also addresses Arithon's guilt over the Battle of Strakewood, advising that his powers will return over time. Later on, Asandir catches Dakar fleeing in spite of his given word, and casts a geas to compel his service. Before dawn, he leaves with the wagon containing Halliron and returns to Jaelot. With Luhaine creating a distraction, he uses the lane surge at dawn to transfer from the power focus in the Mayor's palace to the Desert of Sanpashir. Halliron survives the transfer, but passes away in the desert.

Asandir resumes his travel to Rockfell Peak, where he helps Luhaine refound the wards guarding the Mistwraith. During this period, he is interrupted by Dakar's antics in Alestron, and travels there with haste, using his powers to keep his horse refreshed. He unilaterally releases Dakar from s'Brydion custody and tells him where to find Arithon. Asandir remains behind to educate the four brothers about the Compact and the reasons behind the culverin's proscribement. They are given a choice -- have the memory of the culverin erased, or spend the rest of their days trapped in their tower. All four choose to forget the culverin, and are left only with the memory that Arithon has destroyed their armory. Asandir also recovers Rathain's crown jewels.

Third Age 5646: On the summer solstice, Asandir arrives at Althain Tower, having just returned from resealing the wards around the Sorcerer's Preserve. He and Sethvir decide to craft a homing beacon to locate and return Kharadmon from his search amongst the stars. The crafting takes two weeks time, and the spell is launched during the execution of Lady Maenalle. After Maenalle's execution, Asandir rides to the encampment on the River Valendale to invest Maenol s'Gannley with sanction to become the next caithdein.