Asandir - Role in the Story (Initiate's Trial)

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Spoiler warning: Contains plot elements from Initiate's Trial.

Third Age 5922: In autumn, Asandir travels to the Koriani sisterhouse in Whitehold to meet with Selidie Prime. It is revealed that, over two centuries ago, the Fellowship allowed the free wraiths from Marak to reach Athera and received a stay of execution for Arithon, who had been captured by the Koriathain. With the last of the free wraiths finally banished, Selidie demands that the Koriathain be freed from the Compact. Asandir reminds Selidie that the Compact cannot be renegotiated.

Selidie forces Asandir to swear the Fellowship to a vow of noninterference in Arithon's fate, imprinted in the stone floor at Whitehold, and then casts a fatal spell against Arithon. The effects of the spell are intercepted and claimed by Teylia, who dies in Arithon's stead. Teylia's ghost appears in Whitehold and Asandir reveals her Biedar origins. Thwarted, Selidie demands access to Arithon's true Name but Asandir is constrained by the vow of noninterference.

In early winter, Asandir returns to Althain Tower and discusses Selidie Prime's plotting and Arithon's recovery with Sethvir. Dakar learns that he has been unceremoniously released from his Fellowship apprenticeship since before the meeting with Selidie Prime. Sethvir and Asandir imply that this release is punishment for Dakar's actions on the beach at Athir after the Siege of Alestron, which ultimately led to Arithon's capture by the Koriathain. In reality, they hope that Dakar's free will can become a wild card workaround to their vow of noninterference.

Enroute to the clan outpost near the Pass of Orlan, Asandir learns from Sethvir that Dakar has safely left Lorn for Halwythwood after speaking a prophecy concerning the death of the High Queen of Havish. Met near the outpost by the current caithdein, he designates Saroic s'Gannley as the next caithdein of Tysan. From a remote point in the mountains above the outpost, he clears Tysan's flux lines, which have been blocked since the destruction of Avenor. He then returns to Isaer Ruins for another transfer across the continent.

From the Plain of Araithe, Asandir travels to Etarra. He approaches Daliana in the Red Cockerel after she has just won a knife throwing wager. He describes Lysaer's expected relapse to the Curse and ask her to stand by him as a voice of conscience, like her ancestor, Sulfin Evend did. She swears to the same oath and receives Asandir's spirit mark of arcane protection. He orders her to attend each social function if Lysaer should decide to attend. Sethvir also reveals Daliana's predicament in Etarra and says that he has sent Traithe to support her.

On the Night of Mourning following the death of the High Queen of Havish, Asandir performs the accession ceremony to attune Gestry s'Lornmein to the elements.

Third Age 5923: Asandir has an encounter with a young drake at Penstair who has been attracted to Athera from beyond the North Gate. Afterwards, he responds to an emergency summons from Sethvir and transfers from Penstair to Althain Tower. Sethvir tells Asandir about Arithon's attempts to flee Caithwood and asks him to travel to Havish to finish High King Gestry's training. The pair discuss Selidie's manipulation of True Sect direction, and how events might play out in Havish and Etarra.

Once it becomes likely that Arithon will enter Havish, Asandir prematurely finishes High King Gestry's training and departs. He passes a village while riding for Torwent and heals Talla s'Criadien and other villagers affected by a shift in the planet's resonance. He advises Talla's caretaker to seek help from the clans under Charter Law. Delayed after helping the village, he rides for Athili in order to leave the kingdom before the ship holding Arithon and Tarens makes landfall at Torwent. He and Sethvir discuss the motivations behind the actions of Seshkrozchiel and Davien, while recognizing that the resonance shift may have been enough to preserve Paravian survival and maintain the Compact.

Asandir leaves his horse at the site of Scarpdale's former grimward and enters Athili. Hours later, the horse collapses and Asandir's rune of appeal triggers the interest of Seshkrozchiel on the other side of the world. When Esfand, Khadrien, and Siantra are pursued by headhunters near Athili, Siantra draws Alithiel. Asandir answers Alithiel's call and protects the children from being consumed by Athili. He returns Alithiel to Esfand's care and warns Siantra that the backlash from the flux might heighten her innate sensitivity. Unable to send them on to Arithon because of the Fellowship's vow of noninterference, he asks them to serve the land's greater need. The children accept and are transported to Fiaduwynne, while Asandir vanishes through Athili's portal.

While Selidie Prime coordinates a final trap for Arithon in Lanshire, Asandir is at Meth Isle Fortress helping Verrain in a crisis. He returns to Havish to evict the True Sect army as soon as Arithon has left the High Kingdom.